For those not in the know, I am leading a workshop about Viking Age runes on Saturday. And for once, I thought I would have my handouts available on the blog, so as to save on paper. So, that’s what’s been posted today. The Old Norse Pronunciation one in particular I want to doll up more, but as I had to make a whole new handout for the class from scratch starting earlier this week, I will leave the dressing up for later.


Pennsic War 47

We have returned from Pennsic. This was my second Pennsic, my first being thirteen years ago. My household, the Loonacy, went for both weeks, leaving Friday, July 27th, arriving just before sunset the next day, and we left Thursday, August 9th, overnighted 45min away, then got home today.

It was overall, quite good. I got to achieve many of the things I wanted to achieve. I met new people, and spent time with quite a few people I care deeply about. There were some bad parts and some disappointments, but they did not ultimately sour the event for me. I also got to perform several times, and contributed an Old Norse poem to an elevation.

And now I’m going to relax a little at home. I should probably do lunch. 🙂

So, what are you up to?

Today, I was asked by Arwa what I’ve been up to. In brief:

  • I wrote a boast for a fighter in last Crown tournament, but he unfortunately had to postpone entering due to sudden and expensive repairs, so hopefully that will actually happen this fall or spring. It’s cool. I’m looking forward to performing it.
  • I wrote a song for an Amtgard coronation (Empire of the Iron Mountains, if you’re curious), as well as sent a lot of articles I’ve accumulated that helps with the topic of period Norse kingtakings.
  • I am working on updating and expanding my Viking Age Rune class into a workshop for the Shire of Avonwood. (I’m pretty sure some runic-related content will be finding its way here.)
  • I should be sewing/mending/repairing more for Pennsic.
  • I’ve been on and off translating Northshield group names into Old Norse, based on Master Christoforo’s translation work in Japanese. I was beginning a similar project years ago, but it fizzled out, so I’m happy to get back to it (thanks Foro for being geeky and inspiringly! 😀 ). I’m fairly far along at this point, but there’s some nitty-gritty stuff I need to look up before I share the work. (I’m also pretty sure some toponymic and linguistic geekery content from this project will also be finding its way here.)