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So, I’m recovering from a bad ear infection, but I’m still trying to keep up with my posting schedule of at least two things a week. Luckily, there’s been a lot of cool Viking Age links that have popped up on the various websites I watch, so I can do some easy postings. 🙂

Since I recently led that Runic Workshop (handouts can be found here and here, though I haven’t yet gotten back to update them as I want to), I thought this would be an appropriate link to spread. It is about an inscription found on a comb from Ribe, Denmark, from the period when Elder Futhark was being replaced by Younger Futhark. While the inscription itself might not be considered exciting, having a find from this period is since it may provide clues to the reason for the vast changes we find in the Younger Futhark. The article itself is from February of this year.

And since we’re talking about Ribe, an article from Science Nordic from a month ago discusses the various finds of the urban center, and touches upon how Ribe was established.




Rune Workshop Handout

:: ᚱᛆᚦᛆᛐ • ᛆᚢᛁᛆᛓᛆᛌᛆᛐᚢᛐᛁᚱ ::
Ráþ þat — Viking Age Runes
Eyja Bassadóttir



  • c. 160: Vimose Comb inscription (Proto-Norse; oldest Elder Futhark)
  • 6th-7th c.: Björketorp & Stentoften Runestones (Proto-Norse, blend)
  • c. 620-650: Sutton Hoo burial
  • c. 650-700: Setre Comb inscription (blend of Elder & Younger Futhark)
  • 793: Lindisfarne
  • c. early 9th c.: Rök runestone (Old East Norse; Elder, Younger, Cipher)
  • 845: Vikings ransom Paris
  • c. 850: Östergötland 43 (Old East Norse; 1 Elder rune, Younger Futhark)
  • 862: Riurik & Rus rule in Novgorod
  • 867: Great Army takes East Anglia
  • c. 870: landfall of Iceland
  • c. 879: Danelaw boundaries drawn up, Oleg seizes control of Kiev
  • c. 895-890: Battle of Hafrsfjǫrðʀ
  • c. 900: Gokstad ship burial
  • 911: Rollo/Hrólfʀ given Rouen
  • 922: Ibn Falen journeys in Rus lands
  • 958: Gormʀ buried in Jelling complex by son, Harald Bluetooth
  • c. 980: Trelleborg fortress constructed
  • 985: landfall of Greenland
  • 1001: landfall Vínland/Newfoundland
  • 1008: Danelaw term first documented
  • 1066: Battle of Stamford Bridge
  • 1117-8: Grágas written


  • Viking Age in England 795-1066
  • Viking Age in Scandinavia 750-1050
  • Viking Age in Russia 750-1200


  • Old Norse language c. 600-1300
    –> Old Icelandic, Old Norwegian, Old Danish, Old Swedish, etc.


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