Viking Resources for the Reenactor

Mistress Þóra Sharptooth’s Viking Resources for the Reenactor has resources on clothing and textiles, personal display, food, etc. It has been one I have returned to a few times, though it has not been updated for several years.


Can You Ken? XIII

And so we find our intrepid adventurers coming upon yet another challenge of the kenning variety. Shall our adventurers guess correctly this week and further their journey?

The lair of Eithni

Who is this Eithni, and what could be her lair?

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Viking Connection Apprenticeship Program

I came across this today:

The Viking Connection Apprenticeship Program (VCAP) provides an opportunity for selected students of Viking Age crafts to study under a skilled master artist in Scandinavia. The application round for the 2019 is now available by clicking on the link below.  Submit your application by July 31, 2018. Applicants must have a current passport and be a resident of any of the following states: ND, MN, IA, SD, WI or MI. Following each apprenticeship, the apprentice will spend up to a year traveling to various events, festivals and workshops in the Midwest to demonstrate the recently-acquired skills. Dates will be posted as they are confirmed with each host site.