Can You Ken? VIII

Welcome to another addition of Can You Ken? The exciting game where we Guess. That. Kenning.

Tell us, Eyja, what is today’s kenning?

Why, today’s kenning is 



Thank you Eyja. Now, contestants, put on your thinking helms, gather (or raid) your answers, and tell us, what is a plank-horse?

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Northshield on KWBC

Yesterday, I was made aware that the Northshield Episode of the Knowne World Bardcast went live (it is also available via iTunes). These are my local bards and friends and kin, and this is exciting for me to share some of them with you. If you are not familiar with the KW Bardcast, you should go and check out this episode and the previous episodes. You can also find the Knowne World Bardcast Page and Group on Facebook.

The talented bards you can hear on this episode:


You can find more works by Northshield (and other kingdoms’) bards at ShavaSue’s YouTube channel.

Edit: You can also find some additional Northshield bards and songs on the first episode of the KW Bardcast’s Kingdom Anthems.

Benjamin Bagby


Benjamin Bagby is one of my inspirations. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see his performance of Beowulf (I’ve only seen it via his dvd), I recommend it.

Did you know that there is a Scandinavian version of the story of Beowulf? Hrólfs saga kraka very clearly comes from the same roots as Beowulf, but is written in Old Norse, focuses on other events and characters than in the Anglo-Saxon version, and has clear influences from the southern Courtly culture. The character that correlates with Beowulf is Bǫðvarr Bjarki.