Detangling Knots

The verse for the disentangling of knots caused by Loki is as follows:
Styr heitir hann faðir þinn.
Skónál heitir hún móðir þín,
þau skulu bæði stinga í rassinn á þér,
ef þu ferð ekki upp af þræðinum. (Guðni Jónsson 1954b, 189)
[Spearhead your father is called. Shoe needle your mother is called. They should both prick you in the arse if you will not leave the thread.]
This is an excellent article. This and Barber & Barber’s book, When They Severed Earth from Sky: How the Human Mind Creates Myth served as the main inspirations for my story on Loki’s Payment where Loki is both Thór’s vätte and the catalyst for a volcanic eruption. I am also a bit of a fan of Eldar Heide (of Bergen University College) in general. I find his insights useful, and his English articles are easy reads — that is, they are written so they are easy to parse. In comparison, Mr. Frog (of the University of Helsinki), whose articles I enjoy and find very useful and is very much worth the read, but tends to compact so much into a sentence I sometimes get a headache reading him.