On Sitting

So, I read this article on how to sit properly from MPR the other week. It’s actually not stressing about “sitting up straight” so much as teaching how to get your hips into proper position — because when you get your base right, the rest will follow. And I read it, and thought “ooo” (because help with aches in the back, man) and shared it on my social media networks, and left it at that.

And then I thought about it again.

Because, much like realizing how humans naturally walk, and how the invention of cobblestones prompted the new technology of hard soled shoes in Europe (which prompted non-natural walking), and therefore how medieval and Viking Age people walked differently than we do today, so too does sitting naturally, illustrating a change between modern and medieval people.

So, this isn’t just an article to improve back health. It’s an article to help accurate reenacting, and, more importantly, to help one’s back health when sitting on period furniture. Even though that’s not really the article’s focus at all.

Hence, I share.