Tar Production

If you’re interested in the ship building process, or in trade, or in knowing more about the local products made during the Viking Age, The Viking Archive has posted about Tar Production in the Viking Age.

For other trade products, I recommend this article by Dan Carlsson of the Gotland Archaelogical Fieldschool, “Viking Combs and Combmaking on the island of Gotland, Sweden” and this article about tracing the cod trade via fish bones from the University of Cambridge.

For something a bit more linguist about ships, I once again recommend Eldar Heide’s Early Ship Types, an article where he traces the names of some of the Viking Age names for ships and tries to connect them to some of the archaeological finds. Most people rely on the medieval Norse terms for ships, but there was a change in design for ships between the Viking Age and the sagas, and Heide believes that the terms do not apply correctly.