Can You Ken? XVII

Ok, kenning fans. What be this one:


Forehead-lighting you’re cruising up the 409.
Forehead-lighting! Go forehead-lighting!

*cough* Ok. So, what do you think it is, this forehead-lighting?

The eyes….the eyes….

No, really. It’s ‘eyes’. 🙂

The connection between eyes and light is actually quite old and quite common throughout human thought, it’s not just a Norse thing, and there’s a good explanation of it in Barber & Barber’s When They Severed Earth From Sky: How the Human Mind Creates Myth (at LibraryThingAmazonPrinceton University Press). And the connection between light and eyes can be seen in such sources as the Bible as well, see Matthew 6:21: The eye is the lamp of the body. […]

Found on the Skaldic Database.


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